Friday, November 20, 2009 are no fun!

i got h1n1.  yuck.  i went to work last friday feeling fine.  i left feeling absolutely horrid.  i rested all weekend and already had a dr. appt set up for monday morning.  i thought it would just be a cold...wrong.  it's friday now and i still feel yucky, but tomorrow i finally go back to work. (out of the 7 weeks i've been employed at the school...i've worked 4.  that's a pretty terrible attendance record.)

i feel like my life has fallen apart since ben and i moved to indy.  i know it's not true...but it sure feels like it.  this move was hard from the beginning...being farther away from our families, leaving the 20 amazing teenagers i've watched grow over the past 3 years, plus a house, town, and job that i loved.  i knew that god had called us to indy...i saw how excited ben was and i knew it was right.  i just didn't know what my purpose was.  since my dad died, everything has gotten harder.  the loneliness, the homesickness, the purposelessness...  i have so many questions and so few answers.

i continue to trust in god.  i always have and always will.  god has always had a bigger plan that i could see, and i know that is true now.

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